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AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support, One Size, Beige

Helps ease the discomfort of pregnancy by supporting your baby bump and providing gentle compression in the abdominal area.
This elastic maternity belt gives support for pregnant women who seek relief from hip and pelvic pains and other common stretching pains during pregnancy.
A belly wrap that supports the excess pregnancy weight to prevent straining your back by lessening spinal pressure effectively.

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Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector Sleeves Kit – Treat Pain in Hallux Valgus, Big Toe Joint, Hammer Toe, Toe Separators Spacers Straighteners splint Aid surgery treatment

Treat your feet with our carefully selected 7 pieces set. The package is designed for bunion Corrector and bunion relief. One Size Fits Most Feet.
Relieve your pain, treat your bunion, reduce friction between your toes and enjoy walking again. Separate, straighten, stretch and align your toes.
A unique solution for your foot problems. Cure the pain in big toe joint, tailors bunion, Hallux Valgus and much more.

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ComfyMed® Posture Corrector Clavicle Support Brace CM-PB16 Medical Device to Improve Bad Posture, Thoracic Kyphosis, Shoulder Alignment, Upper Back Pain Relief for Men and Women

✅ MOST COMFORTABLE Posture Brace available – New Hybrid Design combining the Light Weight and freedom of movement of a simple Figure 8 Brace with the Support and Comfort of a traditional Full Brace – Get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.
✅ EASY TO PUT ON – The only brace that you can put on and adjust by yourself – NO HELP FROM OTHERS REQUIRED
✅ STAND TALL AND CONFIDENT – For the Treatment and Prevention of Cervical and Thoracic Conditions such as BAD COMPUTER POSTURE

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Compression Knee Brace Support Sports Injury Prevention Pain Relief Support for Running, Sports, Basketball,Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis and Injury Recovery- Best Knee support

Dual side stabilizers provide extra stability
Comfort fit sleeve helps reduce irritation behind the knee
Breathable material keeps you cooler and drier

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Compression Knee Sleeve – Best Knee Brace for Meniscus Tear, Arthritis, Quick Recovery, etc. – Ideal for Running, CrossFit, Basketball and other Sports

Keeps your knee cap and muscles in the proper position even while you exercise and walk. Great for protecting from sprains and aiding in injury recovery.
This is a light weight knee compression sleeve that is designed for all day comfort and long term durability
Good knee support with no stiffness, no itching or irritation, no growth of bacteria despite heavy sweating.Unisex. Can be worn all day

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Elite Muscle Roller Stick – Our Massage Roller Massager Targets Sore, Tight Leg Muscles to Prevent Cramps and Release Tension Fast. It’s Sturdy, Lightweight and Smooth Rolling

TARGETS SORE, TIGHT MUSCLES AND PREVENTS CRAMPS, with the massage roller stick, you can target any tight and sore muscles fast. if you roll out the targeted area for about 5 minutes, you will notice a very quick release in tension and an increase in blood circulation to the area, helping to reduce your calf, quad, IT bands or hamstring cramps tremendously. for anyone with muscle soreness, the stick is a gift from the gods
OURS ALLOWS YOU TO APPLY AS MUCH PRESSURE, OR AS LITTLE AS YOU CAN HANDLE, the muscle roller stick will help with lengthening and stretching out your muscles by applying pressure to the problem area. because its a stiff leg massage roller, you can control the pressure and therefore the pain, depending on your pain tolerance. you will definitely notice a surprising decrease in muscle fatigue by using it regularly before and after exercise
COMFORTABLE, STURDY, AND SMOOTH ROLLING ACTION, the massage roller stick handles are very comfortable, and you won’t find your hands slipping like with some of the cheaper models. our roller stick also has a smooth rolling action due to the 2mm gap between each roller, preventing your hair being pulled on your legs. the elite myofascial release tool will keep your muscles from knotting up and helps to keep the muscle soreness at a minimum.

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Futuro Night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Foot Support, Helps Relieve Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, Firm Stabilizing Support, Adjust to Fit, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Adjust to Fit 8.0 – 15.0 in, 28.3 – 38.1 cm. Dorsal night splint design to be worn on top of the foot at night. Maintaining therapeutic 85 -90 degree angle of foot – One Size Fits Most
Comfortable straps to maintain position of brace on foot – Allows user to walk while worn
Breathable soft foam on inside to enable comfortable support all night long – Polypropylene (60 %)

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Knee Brace for Knee Pain – Best for Meniscus Tear, Arthritis, Quick Recovery, etc. – Ideal for Arthritis, Running, Weight Lifting and Jogging

KNEE SUPPORT – Reduce pain and recover faster from arthritis, joint pain relief, tendonitis, post-surgery, swelling as well as strains and sprains.
Durable – This is a light weight knee compression sleeve that is designed for all day comfort and long term durability
PREMIUM QUALITY – Designed with lightweight, breathable, and elastic fabric, our knee support is the perfect solution for alleviating knee pain and arthritis during year-round physical activity.

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KT TAPE PRO Kinesiology Sports Tape, 20 Precut 10 inch strips, 100% synthetic, water resistant, breathable, free videos, pro & Olympic choice

Strong, elastic athletic tape that reduces muscle pain, increases mobility, and enhances athletic performance—lightweight and comfortable to wear. Used to treat and prevent sports injuries such as knee pain, shin splints, and tennis elbow. Uni-directional elasticity allows tape to stretch in length but prevents tape from stretching in width—provides stable support without restricting motion.
Applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, strong, external support that helps to prevent injury and speed recovery. Pro Tape: proprietary synthetic elastic core delivers superior performance to take away the pain. Strong SecondSkin Adhesive: can last for an entire week, through multiple runs, daily showers, in humidity, cold, or in the pool.
100% waterproof, 100% sweatproof—ideal for in-water and high-impact activities. Synthetic microfibers are fast drying and provide superior weight-to-strength ratios. Reflective elements for low-light conditions and road training.

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Maternity Belt,Lower Back and Pelvic Support – Belly Band for Pregnancy,Nude

DOCTOR RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT:Helps ease the pain and discomfort of pregnancy, wrapping around your belly and waist,lessening the burden of excess pregnancy weight and providing gentle compression in the abdominal area.
RELIEVES PAIN:Helping you get relief from hip, pelvic and sacroiliac pain, while further minimizing spinal strain, It is a great way to correct your posture and support weak abdominal muscles during your pregnancy
COMFORTABLE: Designed to be worn daily during your day to day activities, you do not have to limit your abilities while wearing this pregnancy brace. It is made of a soft breathable material which can be comfortably worn under any clothing.

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Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Stabilizing Straps form complete figure-eight to protect and support ankle
Ballistic nylon boot provides superior durability and strength
Elastic cuff closure enhances support and keeps laces and stabilizing straps secure

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Mueller 62712 Thumb Stabilizer, Black, 5.5 – 10.5 in

Breathable fabrics for extended wear
Two stays provede maximum support
Three adjustable straps for custom fit

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